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πŸ‘‹ We’re SSSEND. We write engaging, effective email newsletters for brands, individuals …and ourselves.

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Case study: Onda

A worldwide network of private member’s clubs

🌍 Onda is a global members’ club and coworking space discovery platform✨ We generated an editorial framework and 4x emails a monthπŸ‘‡ Scroll through to have a read

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  • Using SSSEND frees up in house resource, letting your team work on other important aspects of your business

Case study: Tapsody

Like Uber, for live music

😊 Tapsody is a live music community and marketplace.🎸 They help musicians connect with gig venues, and vice versa.πŸ‘‡ Scroll through to see our editorial framework brought to life in their first-ever newsletter, designed to connect with every segment of their audience

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  • Custom packages are also available for brands who need a bespoke option

Case study: Fate v Future

What CEOs and sidehustlers want to know

πŸ‘€ Fate v Future is our own newsletterπŸ’Ž It’s everything you want to know in culture, tech, business, media, and marketingπŸ‘‡ Scroll through to read our engaging, consistent high quality newsletter that’s grown by over 700% in 9 months

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  • This consistent, high quality output goes out 3x/week and consistently enjoys 50+% open rates, and 8+% click through rates

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All plans start with a discovery survey ⍰, and get at least 1 editorial framework ⍰ for your newsletter

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1 newsletter outline1 newsletter outlineup to 2 different newsletter outlines
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🎨 1-time Design ServiceπŸ’» Sending ServiceπŸŽ„ 6 extra emails
We will design your email template in your choice of email sending softwareWe will send your emails, monitor your list, and analyze engagementBuy 6 extra emails to send on any 6 days you choose, like 🍾 New Year’s, ❀️ Valentine's Day, πŸŽƒ Halloween, πŸ’Ž Singles Day, πŸ› Black Friday, πŸŽ„ Christmas, or any other holiday
$499 once$499 /month$599 /year

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